Our history

ARCHIMEDES S.A. means tradition, experience and modernity.

We strive to ensure that the offered products fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and their use is not difficult. Our employees are a well-coordinated, professional team willing to cooperate in implementing new solutions. Modern technologies guarantee high quality of our products and their competitive price. Our processes are in compliance with Quality Management Systems which meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. All our products acquired safety certificates in accordance with the requirements of the European Union Directives. The beginnings of manufacturing of metal products in our  factory dates back to 1871, and the pneumatic tools of the late forties of the last century. Currently, the company operates in the Stalmot Group.


2013 - Joining the Stalmot Group

On 04/04/2013, the company's privatization process, lasting since 1998  has been completed. A sale agreement was signed for Stalmot & Wolmet S.A. At the time of sale, the company became part of the Stalmot & Wolmet S.A. capital group. headquartered in Nidzica, Poland.


2005 - Establishment of the Wrocław Industrial Park

14/03/2005 Archimedes S.A.  together with the Council of Wrocław, Wrocław Technology Park and Lower-Silesian Works Service and Production  "DOZAMEL" concluded an agreement on the creation of the Wrocław Industrial Park.


Years 1994/1995 - "Archimedes" becomes a joint-stock company

August 26, 1994 transforming the state-owned enterprise "Agromet-Archimedes" Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych into a state-owned company of the state treasury named "Archimedes" Spółka Akcyjna.


1976/1986 - Establishment of Agromet-Archimedes FMR.

On November 29, 1976, the factory changed its name to Agromet-Archimedes Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych.

On August 16, 1986, Agromet-Archimedes Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych was added to the register of state-owned enterprises.


Years 1951/1962 - Production of hydraulic lifts for Ursus tractors

1951 - 1962 modernization and extension. New machines and equipment were purchased for the purpose of launching a new production.

1961 launch of the production of hydraulic lifts for "Ursus" C-325 tractors,  in an amount of about 18 thousand pieces a year.

1961 at the initiative of Józef Topolski, head of the technical progress section, the Factory Technology and Rationalization Club has been created. The first chairman of the Club was MSc. Stanisław Hagno.

Launching the production of the C-4011 hydraulic lifts for agriculture, which was a long-term investment process in the factory.


1945/1950 - Establishment of the "Silesian Factory of Screws - Archimedes S.A." and the United Plants "Archimedes"

The position of the factory director was taken over by Ing. Tadeusz Szlaski, the factory adopted the name "Śląska Fabryka Śrub - Archimedes S.A.". Right after the WWII the reconstruction of the factory was initiated by a merely dozen people. By the end of 1945 there were 121 of them.

Until the end of 1949, the factory was being rebuilt, production and employment increased. In 1950, there were around 1200 employees in the factory.

On February 10, 1949  "Archimedes" was taken over by the state by the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

On December 31, 1949, the factory was officially established by the Ordinance of the Minister of Heavy Industry, under the name of the United Plants "Archimedes".


1941/1945 - Archimedes during the Second World War

1945 The siege of the city of Wroclaw almost completely destroyed "Archimedes".

1945, July 8-23 Plundered and largely unsuitable for use factory was taken over by the Polish authorities from the Soviet Red Army.


1921/1933 – Years of Great Depression and establishment of Archimedes – Silesian-Saxon Screws Factory

The economic crisis has led to the financial meltdown of the factory.

June 4, 1923, Archimedes A.G. was absorbed by the concern "Linke-Hofmann-Lauchhammer," externally existed as an independent enterprise "Archimedes" GmbH.

1931 "Archimedes" GmbH was dissolved and excluded from the Concern. Establishment of an independent enterprise under the current name of "Archimedes A.G".

In 1931, two screw factories were purchased: the Håbner brothers, and Bernardt and Philip from Chemnitz. The factory changed its name to "Archimedes Schlesisch-Sächsische Schraubenfabrik-Aktiengesellschaft". This name was in force until the end of World War II.


1914/1918 - Archimedes during the First World War.

The period of the First World War is the best period of development for the factory. A double increase in profits and employment up to over 2,000 people.

Purchase of  its competitor,  Kűring bolt factory in Jawor.


1910/1913 - High quality products conquer international markets.

The factory has taken successful steps to introduce standardization in the entire German screw industry - the DIN standard has been introduced.


Years 1886/1909 – Establishment.

On June 10, 1886, the merger of the Oberwarth brothers trading house in Wrocław, with the "Breslauer Schrauben und Muttern- fabrik A.G.".

Establishment of a new enterprise named "Archimedes Aktien Gesellschaft für Stahl und Eisen Industrie". Employment increased up to 1,100 workers.

Transfer of the plant from Rawicz to Wrocław to the current location on  Robotnicza 72 street. Transformation into a Joint Stock Company.

1909  Buildings of the factory have been erected.